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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Creating Space

So, your entrepreneur is still determined to start their business. It is entirely probable that they will begin working on doing this at home. If you're really lucky, there's already a place in your house that they can do this. Maybe it's an existing office space. Or the garage, perfect for creating sample products. Or a quiet place in the back shed.

You might be wondering what's this got to do with you. Well, possibly a lot.

It's important to have a designated space for this new activity for two reasons: One, so that everything to do with the business can be organized and found in one place. Reason number two, though, is so that you can all (them, you, your kids) better distinguish work time from home time.

Having a specific place for all the business stuff also helps them set a professional mentality. If they're talking to a client in Tokyo on the phone, it's best if they can be away from the living room TV blasting the latest American Idol's singing, or sounds of the kids arguing, etc. If a customer is dropping by, being able to take them to a place that's all business will help your entrepreneur seem like they're all business too. Not to mention, helping you feel like your home is still a home.

If you have a pre-existing office space in the house, don't be deceived into thinking that it will make this process easier. It's best that you actually clean it out, and clear space for the new business's stuff. For ages, I'd started a number of new projects without doing this, and not only did all the papers get mixed up together in no time, but also without any new space for the new business documents and items to go into, it was that much more of a deterrent to do many of thing needed, because my thinking would be, "Ack! I don't want to create even more of a mess in here."

An organized space will help lead to an organized business.

No Space Available at Home

What if you just don't have any place to spare for the papers and other stuff that the business will generate?

If you also have no money for now, advise the entrepreneur to keep everything in storage boxes that they can easily access (you'll even be able to find plastic file folder boxes at the office supply store you can use instead of a filing cabinet for now).

If your entrepreneur does have the budget, then it might be time to find a suitable office space somewhere. Depending on their needs, a small space somewhere might work, or they might need the more expensive choice of a serviced office (where they'll usually answer the phone in your name if you're not there, and do secretarial work for an additional fee, offer a conference room by the hour, and general office support, among other things).

At some point, your entrepreneur will need to find their own official business space. Now's the time to figure out where they'd like to be, and when. And whether you'll need to clean out the guest bedroom closet to make space for their new wonder invention.


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